How Language Defines Gender

Gender Research Paper



Each student will choose specific topic related to communication and gender provided by the instructor. Each essay should briefly summarize the major research related to your topic.




· Prepare a research paper: Prepare a research paper on a specific topic area.

· Papers will be based on assigned readings and current research in communication.

· Please use current communication journals to complete your research.


· Written Requirements: Most of the topics from our class report list can be found in your assigned readings. My suggestion is that you begin your research by reading the textbook and note the major authors and articles listed. Continue your investigation by searching for additional resources utilizing computer search programs for communication research or related fields. Narrow your focus and create a specific research focus within your topical area.


· Summarize your findings in a 4000-4500 word paper. Your essays should summarize the major research in the specific area. When writing your essay please establish a clear organizational structure throughout the paper.



· In your introduction, explain the purpose of the paper and give the reader an overview of the areas that will be discussed in your paper. At the end of your paper summarize your ideas in a conclusion before ending your paper. Throughout the paper please cite the references utilizing the appropriate referencing format (APA). At the end of the paper provide a bibliography (including textbook readings, journals and all referenced research).


· A minimum of 7 communication journal articles should be used in your paper.



· All papers should be typed and corrected for errors. Papers will be graded on thoroughness, form and style.

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