Teen pregnancy

Select 2 unique (not already posted by peers in this board) broad topic areas for your research in this course (e.g., teen pregnancy, elder abuse, gangs) (1pt).
Brainstorm a research question for each of your topics (1pt).
For each research question answer the following (2pt):
Why was this question posed? Review the “Sources of Questions” on p 34-35 to aid your thinking. 
Will this question require a descriptive or an explanatory research strategy? Review the “Research Strategies” discussion beginning on p36.
Will the approach be quantitative or qualitative? Review each of these approaches on p 9-12 and also, see the next bullet discussion.
Is the question best classified as practice evaluation, program evaluation, or needs assessment? Review “Types of Questions” discussion beginning on p39.  Note that each type has two example questions. The first example question for each group  illustrates a quantitative question and the second illustrates a qualitative question.
Review 2 of your peers postings specifically critiquing their research question answers/choices above (comments that simply say “Good job” or “I agree” will not be counted) (1pt). 

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