Online Office Applications.

More and more businesses are using Online Office Applications.  
What are the advantages and disadvantages of using these types of applications?
Why would a company want to start using this type of solution? 
Be thorough with your answer. 
I am referring to Spreadsheets, Word Processing and Presentation Software.  
Please do not start a thread about job applications or other types of applications that can be submitted online.  
The application for this forum is referring to the office software only.
Comments :
Online office aplications is the right tool for beign more productive and can be used by people of any age to simplyfy functions.For example Word makes it very easy to create documents by using data base.One feature that is outstanding on word is the ability to mark up the same documents for changes.Other advantages is that there are thousands of templates available so its very easy to create a brochure based on a template some one has already designed.This is very recommended for a company because can produce the most of the documents traditionally created by a marketing deparment.It reduce the time and cost. I think one disadvantages is the cost,it can be very expensive and always are going to need internet.The other is the complexity,some users can be overwhelmed by the many features available. 
In my opinion, Online Office offers a service of comfort, convenience, organization and better control of everything. Today’s offices use it because, as I said before, it brings all kinds of benefits compared to times before, where everything was used manually with files. They were stored in boxes or desks and this brought with it deterioration of important documents and others. Today there is Online Office which allows you to store information digitally, which does not deteriorate and you can keep it archived indefinitely. They also use it due to the convenience of work since you stop the employees find it easier and more comfortable to search for any information or create the same hackberry among others and due to this there is no longer loss of documents or the need to review papers that should be treated with care due to the time of antiquity 

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