Discuss and educate others on one Native nation /tribe that is in North America.

For this follow up, discuss and educate others on one Native nation /tribe that is in North America.  This is one nation of your choice that has lived and/or still dwells in America.
describe the culture, history and people of this tribe in detail. You will discuss prior-European contact lifestyle/history/culture of this tribe and compare it to the post-European influences/contact changes to their lifestyle/history/culture.
And in your final paragraph, conclude what presently is the state of this tribe. Do they still exist? Discuss their assimilation into mainstream America.
If you are going to research a tribe that has disappeared or been assimilated into another, you may use these websites but also utilize our APUS library… do not use Wikipedia.
National Archives
American Indian Histories and Cultures
National Museum of the American Indian

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