Completed Database

Completed Database
For this assignment, both the completed database and output of the frequency tables for each variable must be submitted.  Be sure that you have corrected any errors in the database set-up noted by your Professor in Week 1.
The database should contain all required variables as well as complete data.  Data should be entered for each participant. Include a minimum of 100 participants per program.  Because these are fictitious data, you may enter several lines of data for each program, then copy and paste into the remaining rows to complete your database.
Be sure that the data entered fall within the possible limits for each of the variables.  For example, if a Likert scale ranges from 0 to 4, only 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4 can be possible responses.  A 5 or 6 would be out of bounds for that variable.  Similarly, an age of 24 would be out of bounds for a children’s treatment program.
Run frequencies on each of the variables separately by program and submit the SPSS output containing the frequencies tables.  If the frequency tables indicate any data errors, correct the errors in the database prior to submitting it, and indicate in the dropbox comment section which errors that were evident in the frequency tables were corrected in the database.

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