Outline a proposed empirical research plan

For this assignment, you need to submit an outline for your final paper.
An example of an outline is attached below. The more detail provided results in a better critique and identification of weaknesses of the paper.
Reminder of Final Paper Assignment: The final paper assignment addresses the final paper should discuss a healthcare system engineering topic (Diagnostic Equipment) – focus on one healthcare setting, such as technology in the operating room
– focus on management-level decisions on cost, public acceptance, etc. and general frameworks for decision-making
You can present this focus in the next step when you provide the outline.
. For this paper, the student should outline a proposed empirical research plan to include the following elements:
• extensive literature review (minimum of 10-20 peer reviewed publications)
• research hypotheses
• participants
• methods
• data collection and statistical analysis
You are not required to run experiments but are welcome to use publicly available data for any analysis for the above proposed research plan.

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