Identify Mark’s/John’s Criminogenic Needs

1) Take a look at the cases of Mark and John risk assessment studies and apply the RNR model. Select either Mark or John and answer the following:
A) Identify Mark’s/John’s Criminogenic Needs
B) Identify Mark’s/John’s Responsivity Factors
C) What interventions would you recommend for Mark and why?
D) What level of monitoring or supervision would you recommend for Mark/John – low, moderate, or high – and why?
2) Pick one of the assessments I have listed in the PowerPoint/uploaded to the Week 6 module. Give a brief summary of what the assessment is used for, who it should be used on, and identify at least two static OR dynamic risk factors (or one of each) that the assessment asks about. Do not just copy and paste what I have written! Feel free to do outside research if needed.
3) Describe a scenario wherein a sexual offender may benefit from strict and intensive supervision and treatment instead of being confined indefinitely. In what case would it make the most sense to assign a sexual offender to outpatient treatment, rather than civil commitment?

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