Agression linking to domestic violence of teen trauma and teen agresson due to child abuse

you will start by doing an annotated outline. if you do not know what that is research it its just an outline of the paper and work cited/sources. Use ONLY google scholar & educational psychology journal articles cite everything for each line when writing the outline.
1. Topic: Agression linking to domestic violence of teen trauma. and teen agresson due to child abuse (acting out)
2.sources you will need 20. Needs to be in APA format. journal articles on google scholar already cites for you. right click on citation ” ” marks choose APA.
3.make a source sheet listing A-Z by author look up APA guidelines on reference sheet to get an idea.
4. 8pt font.
I do have a huge research paper due at end of the semester but you will have until may 5th to complete. pls do NOT procasonate or plagerized bc it goes into a software called turn it in. giving you a heads up on it.
Later on in the beginning of the paper will be literature reviews (5pgs worth) of journal articles of my topic which i already got approved from professor. i will be send you my work link:
to get info of my background and tie into the paper. you will need to know trauma approach and DBT skills so start researching google scholar or education Psychology journal articles on the subject matter. You will start this Feb 10th.

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